The guide on progressive web apps

It is very difficult to get people to install a native mobile app. Even if someone installs your app it is difficult to keep them engaged for a long period

Michael Gearon

A Guide to Understanding the Favicon

The Favicon is sometimes an overlooked aspect to digital branding, yet this small opportunity is just another way to promote and reinforce your brand to your audience.  Although this is

Michael Gearon

CSS Multi-Column Layout Module

CSS columns give us, the web designers the ability to flow content between multi-columns which adjusts depending on the viewport size. This module has plenty of options to produce layouts

Michael Gearon

Introduction to CSS Blend Modes

CSS blend modes is currently a W3C Candidate recommendation. The use of blending has been a common practise in static designs but with the use of CSS blend modes it

Michael Gearon

HTML Media Capture

What is Media Capture? Media Capture is currently a W3C Last Working Draft, it allows users the ability to access there camera, microphone or video camera to then either select

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