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The web is bloated

First published on LinkedIn – June 25, 2017

One of the greatest frustrations with websites is speed. Websites are slow and bloated, so as a consequence, users deal with a poor experience leaving them irritated but having to make do or move on.

HTML Link hreflang

Introduced by Google in 2011, the hreflang tag specifies the language of the text in the linked document. This could be useful in websites that have more than one language for example where I live in Wales quite a few websites have both English and Welsh versions of their websites. The reason why the hreflang is useful is that it can assist search engines such as Google:

Google uses the rel="alternate" hreflang="x" attributes to serve the correct language or regional URL in Search results.

An example could be a user that has the IP address which the search engine believes is in France, the results would return the French version of the website rather than the English. By doing this it will reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions as you serving the user the correct version of the website.

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