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WebPageTest Obscure Features for Performance Testing

WebPageTest for those who haven’t used it can allow anyone, for free, to test their website performance by entering an URL and then viewing the results. The results are shown in a nice clear format with high level figures as well as more in detail figures. What this post will be about is the features that you may have not seen before which can be very useful.

Google to Use Page Speed as Ranking Signal in Mobile Search

From July 2018, Google is going to consider page speed as a ranking signal for mobile search. Page speed has been a ranking factor for Google searches since 2010, but this was only focused on desktop searches, not mobile. Google has nicknamed this new update as the “Speed Update”.

The web is bloated

First published on LinkedIn – June 25, 2017

One of the greatest frustrations with websites is speed. Websites are slow and bloated, so as a consequence, users deal with a poor experience leaving them irritated but having to make do or move on.

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