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Two Years at GoCompare as a product designer

Surprisingly on March the 14th I will have been at GoCompare for 2 years and 3 years into my career as a skilled product designer.  I thought it would be good to reflect on what has been achieved in the last two years at GoCompare and what I have picked up along the way. Also, what does the future hold in store and my personal goals.

A Digital Experience

With access to thousands of virtual stores, which contain millions of products, online shopping is quick and practical. The penalty we pay is the experience, engaging with a product, and the overall shopping experience is something which has not yet been replicated online.


Next month, July the 9th 2015, I will be graduating with a First Class Honours in BSc Media Technology at the University of South Wales (Cardiff). The last three years have consisted of about 30 different projects and investigations into the media industry. Topics covered were video production, audio production, web design and development, business in the media industry and plenty more interesting subjects including the investigation into the iBeacons which achieved the highest score in the three years.

A Little Chance

Update June 2015

A Little Chance completed it’s first event at The Little Man, with 50 or so people turning up and 4 speakers as well a live musician. The website is running strong, we are still in the process of building the online shopping platform. The next step now is to run a second event and to discover more talent.

As part of the final year major project for University, myself, Dan Godsall, Lewys Brown and Lalo Schjetnan have come together to form A Little Chance. A Little Chance main aim is to allow creative people to hopefully make a break in the industry and give them a platform to work from.

Online Food Hygiene Rating

When ordering a takeaway we sometimes use personal reviews, recommendations, photography, and the establishments website or social media to make our decision. However recently I noticed there is no benchmark that compares one takeaway service to another, one person’s expectations of what ‘quality’ is could be different to another’s.

Holiday 2014 – Lagos, Portugal

The summer holiday for 2014 was to Lagos a mid-sized town in Portugal. Staying at the Yellow Lagos Meia Pria overlooking the beach it is an incredible hotel. As well as my passion for web design I have a strong interest in photography, so with my iPhone 4s and my keen eye this blog post contains some of my recent snaps from the holiday

Interactive Applications

The use of electronics to produce inexpensive applications has been increasing in the past couple of years, with Raspberry Pi selling 2 million of it’s computers in October 2013. As well as Raspberry Pi there is also Arduino which I occasionally tinker with. The one reason why electronics have become successful is the price for example Raspberry Pi sells for £24.87 and Arduino at £22.19 (on Amazon) making it affordable for the majority of enthusiasts.


This is an exciting time for me and this new website has been the biggest challenge so far and it’s a big stepping stone. This short first blog post is a reflection on 2013 and where I’ll hopefully be heading in 2014.

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