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CSS Cursors

Using the correct type of cursors is becoming more important than ever with the increase in web applications. The cursor property controls the styling of the mouse cursor. Obviously this

Michael Gearon

Comments in HTML

Using comments in the HTML document will not be visible in the user’s browser. It can be useful for revision histories, notes, or commenting out other tags.

Michael Gearon

A Guide to HTML Tables

Tables have been used in the past (hopefully not still) to design the full layouts of websites. However using tables in this way is bad practice as accessibility tools such

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Originally posted on Codepen, this post will look into Flexbox.

Michael Gearon

The Pseudo Element

Not to be mistaken with pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements allow you to style certain parts of a document. We can style after or before an element, the first letter or first line,

Michael Gearon

HTML5’s Input Type’s

In the previous post about Disabling Autocomplete, Autocapitalise  and Autocorrect we looked at how we can improve forms for mobile and desktop use. This post will look at input types, specifically the

Michael Gearon

A Guide to Understanding the Favicon

The Favicon is sometimes an overlooked aspect to digital branding, yet this small opportunity is just another way to promote and reinforce your brand to your audience.  Although this is

Michael Gearon

A Digital Experience

With access to thousands of virtual stores, which contain millions of products, online shopping is quick and practical. The penalty we pay is the experience, engaging with a product, and the

Michael Gearon

HTML Link hreflang

Introduced by Google in 2011, the hreflang tag specifies the language of the text in the linked document. This could be useful in websites that have more than one language for

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