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The guide on progressive web apps

It is very difficult to get people to install a native mobile app. Even if someone installs your app it is difficult to keep them engaged for a long period

Michael Gearon

The web is bloated

First published on LinkedIn – June 25, 2017 One of the greatest frustrations with websites is speed. Websites are slow and bloated, so as a consequence, users deal with a

Michael Gearon

CSS Borders

The border property allows you to specify how the border of the box representing an element should look. The border module consists of the following properties, border-color, border-style and border-width.

Michael Gearon

CSS Padding and Margin

The most two popular CSS properties are margin and padding, they are used for spacing-out elements. Simply put the padding is the space inside something whilst the margin is the

Michael Gearon

CSS Font Smoothing in Webkit and Firefox

Using font smoothing can turn a horrible typeface to a beautiful one. The Webkit and Firefox browsers make the fonts look slightly thicker, using just two lines of CSS we

Michael Gearon

Pseudo Class

A pseudo-class starts with a colon (:),it is similar to a class in HTML, but it’s not specified explicitly in the markup. When creating a pseudo-class there can not being

Michael Gearon

Hiding Elements using CSS

We have plenty of options at our disposal at hiding elements with CSS. In this post we will explore the options we have and more importantly the pros and cons

Michael Gearon

CSS How to Style External Links

Styling an external links is a nice visual indictor for users that if they click the link they will be taken to another website. This is particularly useful for websites

Michael Gearon

Opacity Property in CSS

The CSS opacity property controls how transparent an element is. The values can be between 0 (not visible) and 1 (completely visible). The initial value is 1, it is also

Michael Gearon

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