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Michael Gearon is based in Cwmbran, South Wales. Working as a freelance product designer as well as at GoCompare. Specialising in user experience, user interface design and website performance Mike can provide you with useful advice, tips and tricks. Read more...

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WebPageTest Obscure Features for Performance Testing

WebPageTest for those who haven’t used it can allow anyone, for free, to test their website performance by entering an URL and then viewing the results. The results are shown in a nice clear format with high level figures as well as more in detail figures. What this post will be about is the featuresRead More…

CSS custom properties for cascading variables

Preprocessors like Less and Sass have helped over the past few years to keep development CSS codebases simple, organised and maintainable. One of the most used features in preprocessors is the ability to use variables in the stylesheet which was not possible natively in CSS. Now it is possible to use CSS custom properties inRead More…

Companies worked for

Glass Mountains


Michael joined the company to work on the design and production of innovative and interactive tools to help convey complex health economic messages to clients. Michael's design eye and attention to detail was second to none and he all tools were created to a very high standard. It has been a pleasure to work with Michael

Mike Hurst - Senior Research Analyst

Mike was enthusiastic and diligent, always keen to do a top job and prepared to go the extra mile. He was great at handling clients and an asset to the company.

Joel Hughes - Managing Director

It wasn’t long into Mike’s career at Gocompare.com that people found out just how talented and knowledgeable he is, from CMS to HTML, to building widgets to interactives. Mike is one of the most adaptable, supportive and enthusiastic people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and is always willing to share his ever expanding skill set with you.

Milly Blenkin - Marketing Consultant